How to make a hair bow

The hair bow pictured on the left was made with a single piece of 1 1/2" width satin ribbon.  All you will need is a sharp pair of scissors, needle and thread, and a plastic barrette to get started -- it's easy!


1.  Materials:  29" of satin, needle, thread, scissors, and plastic barrette

2.  Cut satin into two pieces:  24" & 5".  With the larger piece make your first loop

3.  Make your next loop by bringing the satin around around the back

4.  Bring the satin over the front again to wind up with this shape

5.  Start with the needle in the center and wrap it loosely with thread a few times 6.  Gently pull the thread until the center is nicely pinched 7.  Place the barrette onto the rear of the bow and sew it into place 8.  Take your 5" piece of ribbon and fold the edges back so that its about 1/2" wide
9.  Form a simple knot 10.  Place the knot on top of the bow 11.  Fold back the raw edges of your knotted center and sew them together 12.  Trim the tails and you're done!

Did you know?  There are hundreds of styles of bows available at, each available for sale as a finished item or as a kit for a mother-daughter craft project (all kits are priced at $7.00 and come with visual instructions as above and with all necessary materials including a closure of your choice:  barrette 0r metal autoclip).

If you would like to order a kit for any particular style, have a look at the website, select a hair accessory style and CLICK HERE.  In the notes section of the order form please specify the style number and color combination of the bow that you would like to craft (also which type of closure you want), and your package will quickly be on its way to you.

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